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External Advisors Meeting

The NRA policy is, acknowledging the importance of proactively incorporating the latest overseas knowledge concerning the safety of the use of nuclear energy, to invite foreign experts from universities, research institutes and private sectors, who have specialized knowledge and experiences, to provide opinions on its regulation. According to the policy, the NRA appoints experienced foreign experts as “External Advisors” for NRA Commission to obtain advice on issues of nuclear regulation. Since December 2012, external advisors meetings have been held periodically between the NRA Commission members and External Advisors to deliver advice on topics of each meeting through discussion.

External Advisors for NRA Commission

Richard A. Meserve

Richard A. Meserve photo

Former U.S. NRC Chairman, USA
Former Chairperson of INSAG, IAEA
NRA External Advisor since Oct. 2012

Dana Drábová

Daná Dravová photo

Chairperson of SUJB, Czech Republic
Former Chairperson of CSS, IAEA
NRA External Advisor since Oct. 2018

Philippe Jamet

Philippe Jamet photo

Former ASN Commissioner, French Republic
Former Director of Nuclear Installation Safety Division, IAEA
NRA External Advisor since Jan. 2019

Past Meetings

FY 2023

9 May. 2023
Link to YouTube
Documents for the Meeting
Note for the topic “Way to Ensure Safety of Long-term Operation of Nuclear Power Plants”【PDF:104KB】
(Supp.Doc.)Info._Establishment of the Study Team on Continuous Improvement of Safety【PDF:3MB】
1. Physical Ageing【PDF:246KB】
2. LTO System【PDF:300KB】
3. Obsolescence【PDF:92KB】
4. NRA Regulatory System and IAEA SSG25-48【PDF:148KB】

FY 2022

5 May. 2022
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Documents for the Meeting
1. Follow-up on Correspondence between the NRA and the External Advisors for FY2021【PDF:247KB】
2. Effective Use of Convention on Nuclear Safety and of Joint Convention in Nuclear Regulation【PDF:99KB】

FY 2021

21 AUG. 2021~
28 APR. 2022
Advisors’ Advice/Comments in Writing
(Dated on 28 APR. 2022) NRA Comments on Advisors’ Advice/Comments Received for Two Issues【PDF:247KB】
1-1. ALPS Treated Water (Dated on 21 AUG. 2021)【PDF:248KB】
1-2. Attachment to Topic1 (Dated on 21 AUG. 2021)【PDF:58KB】
2. Security Incidents at TEPCO Kashiwazaki-Kariwa NPS (Dated on 21 AUG. 2021)【PDF:222KB】

FY 2020

25 Nov. 2020
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Documents for the Meeting
1. Business Permit of JNFL Rokkasho Reprocessing Facility【PDF:3MB】
2. Implementation Status of New Oversight Program【PDF:538KB】

FY 2019

5 Nov. 2019
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Documents for the Meeting
1. International Standards and National Regulations【PDF:1MB】
2. Communications with Stakehoders【PDF:1MB】
1 Apr. 2019
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Documents for the Meeting
1. Application of back-fitting rules【PDF:272KB】
2. Disposal Clearance of waste【PDF:41KB】

FY 2018

30 Nov. 2018
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