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Core Value and Principles

January 9, 2013
Nuclear Regulation Authority

Bearing in mind that:
- The Nuclear Regulation Authority was established to absorb and learn the lessons of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident of March 11, 2011;
- Such nuclear accidents should never be allowed to happen again;
- Restoring public trust, in Japan and abroad, in the nation’s nuclear regulatory organization is of utmost importance and;
- The nuclear safety system and management must be rebuilt on a solid basis, placing the highest priority on public safety and a genuine safety culture;
Determined that:
- Everyone involved in nuclear activities must have a high degree of responsibility and ethical values and seek to achieve the highest levels of global safety;

We hereby solemnly pledge our full commitment and unwavering efforts to the foregoing.


Our fundamental mission is to protect the general public and the environment through rigorous and reliable regulations of nuclear activities.

Guiding Principles for activities

We in the NRA and its supporting Secretariat shall perform our duties diligently acting in accordance with the following principles.

(1) Independent Decision Making

We shall make decisions independently, based on the latest scientific and technological information, free from any outside pressure or bias.

(2) Effective Actions

We shall discard the previous ineffective approach to regulatory work and stress the importance of a field-oriented approach to achieve genuinely effective regulations.

(3) Open and Transparent Organization

We shall ensure transparency and appropriate information disclosure on regulations, including the decision making process.

We shall be open to all opinions and advice from Japan and the international community and avoid both self-isolation and self-righteousness.

(4) Improvement and Commitment

We shall be assiduous in learning and absorbing the latest regulatory know-how and best practices, enhancing individual capacity, and performing our duties, mindful of the highest ethical standards, a sense of mission, and rightful pride.

(5) Emergency Response

We shall be ready to swiftly respond to all emergency situations while ensuring that in ‘normal’ times a fully effective response system is always in place.

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